Art & Animation

Art & Animation University Grad

Creating visually stunning, immersive games is an art that takes a tremendous amount of skill and talent. EA Artists are responsible for creating the visual elements of a game, such as characters, scenery, objects, vehicles, surface textures, clothing, and even user interface components. Other Artists bring the game to life with animation, lighting and visual effects and draw the gamer into an immersive experience where they can suspend disbelief and emotionally connect with the game and enjoy the ride. Some games go for a look that is as realistic as possible, while others aim to be more stylized or fantastical. In the end, the look of a game is one of the most significant factors contributing to the overall success of the game. An Artist at EA may have several areas of emphasis including character ideation and design, environment ideation and design, component ideation and design, and animation and rigging. Artists at EA work in a variety of roles include Environmental Artist, Animator, and 3D Modeler.  


  • Pursuing a BA or MA in Fine Arts, Visual Art, Studio Art, Computer Animation, Interactive Entertainment, Illustration or related field
  • Strong portfolio that demonstrates:
  • Exceptional traditional illustration skills in a variety of media
  • Exceptional drawing skills 
  • Strong ability to think in 3D 
  • Skilled in the use of line, light, and shadow 
  • Experience with storytelling and concept development 
  • Breadth of artistic styles 
  • Understanding of color theory 
  • Experience with Maya/3D Max
  • Proficiency in Photoshop 
  • Demo reel (for animation candidates)

Tara, Associate 2D Artist/Animator – PopCap, Seattle

"I’ve been with PopCap EA for almost a year now, and it’s been amazing. My favorite thing so far has been working with all of the really talented people here.  It’s definitely a fun job, and everyone’s dedication to quality and making a genuinely fun experience is inspiring."

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