CTO Snapshot

Welcome, from Chief Technology Officer, Ken Moss!

  "I’ve played videogames for as long as I can remember. They
  entertained, challenged, inspired and motivated me to solve
  new challenges and tackle interesting problems. They were a
  way to connect with friends, and now they’re an important way
  that I connect with my family. When I first learned to code, I
  even created my own videogames in my free time but it wasn’t 
  something I did professionally as I started my career. When I
  finally had the chance to combine my passion for games with
  my career in building technology platforms and services, it felt
  like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  Today, our team is building the technology platform that powers all
  of EA’s games – from Battlefield to Star Wars Battlefront, Plants vs.
  Zombies to FIFA. We’re presented with some of the most interesting
  and complex  challenges in technology today. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing the work we do is directly impacting millions of people around the globe and helping them unlock the same memorable and impactful  experiences that I’ve had with games throughout my life. At EA, the relationship we have with our players is our most important asset and my organization is powering that player relationship.
Whether you’re new to this industry or you’re a seasoned professional, if you share my passion we want to hear from you. We have openings in a wide range of careers and in a number of different locations around the  world.
Join us and be a part of creating amazing experiences for millions of players and making the world a happier place!"

Hear from Members of our Team:

Who I am: Polina, Fraud Analyst at EA Redwood Shores
What I do: I work on developing a machine learning
system for detecting fraud in online transactions. This is an
exciting field with the potential to completely revolutionize
fraud detection in the gaming industry! 
  Who I am: Qijun, Senior Manager Software Engineer at EA 
  What I doI am a test manager in EADP Commerce and 
  Identity. My job is to ensure the quality of our commerce
  and identity platform. Many people believe that a tester’s
  job in a game company is to play  games, but in my team,
  the story is different. We use automation to do testing, so
  my main job is coding. One of the great things about my job
  is that I still have the chance to play the latest EA games
  on the game console at work, because in some cases,
  manually going through player scenarios is necessary.
Who I am: Stephanie, Server Engineer at EA Redwood
What I do: I work as a Software Engineer on EA Digital
Platform’s server-side applications supporting internal
tools and services for EA’s mobile game teams. My role
as an engineer involves building new features and tools
for our product offerings, and maintaining the health of
our services. I also collaborate with other engineers and
product managers on a daily basis to improve our server
systems to ensure that our products are the best they
can be.

  Who I am: Drew, Data Engineer at EA Redwood Shores
  What I do: I am responsible for the software architecture
  and day-to-day operation of our resources and processing
  pipelines. About half of my job involves fixing existing
  problems or optimizing performance. The other half is
  software development, where I work on a service used to
  monitor and manage our ever-expanding set of hardware
  and software resources.
Who I am: Abby, Technical Program Manager at EA
What I do: I am one of two EADP Program Managers for
PC Subscriptions (Origin Access). I really enjoy working
with multiple teams across the company to ensure a
complex and important project is delivered on time and
on quality. 
  Who I amMarwan, Research Data Scientist at EA
  What I do: I lead the development of a large-scale anomaly
  detection system thats monitors the health of EA’s core data
  and processing pipelines. What's most exciting is the
  opportunity to solve uncharted problems and have a real,
  measurable impact across EA’s entire game portfolio.
Who I amFarah, Senior Director for Player Reliability
Engineering at PopCap Seattle
What I doI love being part of a company like EA, that
combines technology with creativity in such a unique way.
EADP is the team building the platform, services and tools
that power the creative genius of the game makers. My
team is focused on metrics and connecting the dots from
player feedback to end-to-end game performance and
experience. This is a cool area that combines telemetry,
data analysis and monitoring to identify real actionable
customer pain points and provide solutions to these.
  Who I am: Alvin, Software Engineer II at EA Redwood
  What I do: I am responsible for keeping our data pipelines
  flowing every day. I am here to resolve any issues that may
  arise due to problems with our infrastructure. I also try to
  find new ways to optimize and improve the performance of
  our current architecture. I research and provide ideas and
  critiques on new architectures that are being designed. I
  also develop software that either improves our infrastructure
  or help improve and add new avenues of where our data
  may flow.