DICE Programmeringstavling

Learn about DICE’s programming challenge!

In April, the DICE team arranged the annual DICE programming competition, DICE Programmeringstavling, held at the Debaser Medis night club in central Stockholm. This year, 100 attendees came to join DICE for a day of coding and fun!
The competition consisted of a number of old school-games related challenges, like algorithms and backend solutions for Space Station, Asteroid Field, Missile Attack and more. Given that there was a wide range of seniority amongst the participants, the teams were organized so that all had a chance to win prizes. The DICE team then awarded “jury grand prizes” to the five best solutions in show at the end of the day. Prizes consisted of games, sci-fi books, cinema tickets and computer-store vouchers.
The event lasted twelve hours, so attendees and hosts relaxed after a hard day’s work of coding with some beers, soft drinks and food!