Gothenburg City Bio

Why Employees Love Working in Gothenburg

Welcome to Sweden!
Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union, but its population is only around 9.6 mil¬lion. This makes Sweden far less densely populated than many other European countries. The capital, Stockholm, is the countries’ largest city with a population of 2 million people. Gothenburg and Malmö are two other major metropolitan centers. 
Become part of a multi-cultural and talented society.
Roughly one million of Sweden’s residents are immigrants and many more have parents or grandparents who have immigrated here. As a small country, Sweden is very proud of the Swedish entertainers, athletes and even the companies that have gained international fame. For many people abroad, Sweden is synonymous with names like IKEA, ABBA, Volvo, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Björn Borg and Ingmar Bergman.
Take advantage of some great country benefits!
  • Learn Swedish. EA offers a minimum of 100 hours of Swedish language lessons with a private tutor for relocated employees.  Additionally, the state offers free Swedish language courses for all people registered in Sweden, which is a great benefit for any family members moving here with you!
  • Take a holiday. In Sweden, each employee is entitled to at least five weeks holiday per year, as mandated by Swedish law.
  • Sweden supports parents. Parents of children aged eight and under have the right to work part-time, a right of which many Swedes take advantage. Parents who miss work in order to take care of a sick child can also receive compensation for lost income. Sweden also has very generous laws for parental leave for new parents. Fathers may also take ten days leave in connection with the birth of a child!
What’s so special about Gothenburg?
  • Gothenburg’s been listed as the second best place in the world to visit for value of money.
  • Located right next to the sea, the beautiful archipelago is only a short trip away by tram or ferry.
  • Gothenburg was founded in 1621 and is one of three cities in the world with similar layout, the other two being Amsterdam and New York.
  • Volvo was founded in Gothenburg, and the city still hosts the company’s headquarters.
  • Gothenburg is unique because it’s the only city in Sweden with a specific English name. The Swedish name is Göteborg.
  • Gothia Cup, the world’s largest youth football tournament, is hosted in Gothenburg every July.