Audio Artist

Audio Artist Internship/Co-op

You appreciate the important role audio plays in the gaming experience. You have a passion for creating immersive soundscapes and aspire to help create the next hit video game. As an Audio Artist at EA, you will create the game’s soundtrack, sound effects, character voices, spoken instructions, and ambient effects. Together, these audio effects create an atmosphere that draws players into the game. From the birth of a sound design, to composing, scoring and recording, the Audio Artist strives to create an unforgettable emotional experience.  


  • Currently enrolled in a BS or MS program majoring in Audio Engineering or a related field
  • Prior game/audio experience and solid audio post-production skills are preferred, ideally with some experience working with interactive audio tools and processes such as MaxMsp, Pure Data, and/or Reaktor
  • Experience using game development tools, technology and pipelines such as Wwise and FMOD preferredUR- Audio Intern
  • Familiar with modern audio creation equipment, software and recording techniques
  • Excellent sound design and listening skills
  • Strong communication skills, self-motivated and well-organized
  • Strong artistic and creative sensibilities
  • Passion for video games

Mike, Audio Artist – Visceral, Redwood Shores 

"Working at EA is never a dull moment.  There is always something new happening. Challenging, fun, and engaging only scratch the surface.  There is a constant drive for improving quality and encouraging growth. This attitude is only matched by this team’s ability to always be human first.  I am proud to be part of Visceral Games at EA."

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