Electronic Arts provides a rich culture of creativity, learning and teamwork. Our culture is interwoven into the fabric of our employees and everything we do is in service to the player experience. We share common beliefs and goals. They ground us. Unite us. Motivate us.
As pioneers, our cultural spirit spans the globe. We are connecting to each other in a growing digital world, celebrating our differences and encouraging imagination and excitement in everything we do. Culture is everything to EA and as a result, our global community believes we are at our best when we collectively purse what we love and inspire those around us.
Connect your future to ours.
Inspire. Dream. Play.
Culture at EA
  • EA & the Anita Borg Institute
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  • EA and International Women's Day
  • EA Volunteers Celebrate National Gardening Week
  • HR & Facilities Teams Support Local School
  • TA Supports Girls Make Games
  • EA Mobile Partners with World Wildlife Fund
  • EA @ Pride 2014
  • EA @ GDC
  • Code Wars 2014!
  • EA's Holiday Celebrations
  • DICE Hackathon
  • EA Romania Hackathon
  • EADP Hackathon
  • Fuel & Feast