Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion at EA

EA is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within our workplace and in our communities.

Our mission is comprised of three main goals:

  1. To promote workforce inclusion initiatives
  2. To integrate inclusive perspectives into business objectives
  3. To create both a welcoming workplace for our diverse global workforce as well as an inclusive gaming experience for our fans through programs, events, and community partnerships

We are passionate about increasing awareness through education and advancing acceptance through leading by example. We celebrate our diverse cultures and have developed an environment where everyone can succeed by being true to the belief that you should start you and stay you in both life and work.

What's New in Diversity & Inclusion
  • EA & the Anita Borg Institute
  • HRC Foundation Award 2016
  • #GIRLS4GAMES Open Day
  • EA @ MVMT50 Hackathon
  • EA's VP of CDS @ Codess
  • EA @ Pride 2014
  • 2015 Women Worth Watching Award