About EA’s Galway Location

EA’s Galway site is inhabited by 390+ employees, predominately working across EA’s “Engine Room” in Worldwide Customer Experience (WWCE), Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering and and EA’s Digital Platform (EADP) teams.
Worldwide Customer Experience (WWCE)
The Worldwide Customer Experience organization has a singular mission: deliver the world's best customer experience for the world's best games. Our Worldwide Customer Experience Centre in Galway is the European centre of excellence, and provides support to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Games Advisors provide live support to consumers across 16 different languages including English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Finish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Czech and Slovak.
Quality Assurance
The Galway Live QA Team is responsible for testing all game content in the retail environment prior to its release. They partner with Customer Experience to identify and rectify issues affecting the live-service game environment. The close partnership between QA and WWCE is fundamental to our success and our Player First & One TEAM philosophy.
Quality Engineering
Our Quality Engineering team provides talent, tools and technologies for our testing teams, enabling EA to deliver world-class quality games. Our teams are distributed across the globe and work on all games EA titles.
Continuously pushing boundaries requires a team that is agile, innovative and at the forefront of emerging technologies. If you never shy away from a challenge and jump at the chance to learn something new - come join our family!
EA Digital Platform (EADP)
EA’s Game Fraud Team, part of EADP, is responsible for detecting and preventing fraud against EA games and our customers. To minimise the impact of fraud attacks we conduct proactive monitoring of fraudulent activity in-game, looking for patterns that indicate goldfarming, credit card theft, customer account compromises, “hacking” or other malicious behaviours. With our partners, we are doing our best to keep EA’s games safe and fun for everyone.


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