About EA’s Kitchener Location

EA Kitchener is located in the Region of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. The studio came to be through the acquisition of J2Play, a local startup, in 2009. Though it has grown, the studio remains quite small and has kept a lot of the startup culture and energy. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed. The people tend to have broad skill sets and excel at distributed development since most of our teams extend to other locations. In 2012, EAK took up residence in the heart of downtown Kitchener, moving into a very cool new space: a former movie theatre with 25 foot ceilings, huge windows, and an open concept layout.

The region is well known for its high-tech sector, and is also home to literally hundreds of other technology companies of all sizes. EA Kitchener collaborates with several local tech companies and has a strong partnership with the University of Waterloo's Games Institute. Kitchener-Waterloo is a very affordable place to live and offers an excellent quality of life … and amazing apple fritters! 

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