Los Angeles (EALA)

About EA’s Los Angeles (EALA) Location

Working in Los Angeles means year round sunny weather, access to a myriad of outdoor activities and proximity to a world-renowned entertainment industry. Here, EA calls upon the culture of LA, the ambition of local talent and the experience of industry veterans to create amazing games. Based in a custom-designed campus, EA Los Angeles offers up ocean views and sunsets on a daily basis.

About EA’s Los Angeles (EALA) Studios

DICE LA – DICE LA is a game development studio with a fresh approach to creating amazing games and new experiences for its players. Leadership shares the belief that balance provides perspective and room for creativity – and emphasizes working smarter and more efficiently. A flat organizational structure lends itself to transparency and collaboration – where everyone is a game maker no matter if you’re an artist, engineer, sound designer or producer. DICE LA was established in 2013 to expand upon the excellence of the DICE studio in Stockholm. Today, DICE LA delivers game-changing experiences for one of the top gaming franchises, Battlefield. Most recently, the studio had a hand in building the much-anticipated Battlefield 1
EALA MOBILE – EALA has been the global hub for EA’s mobile business for over 10 years. EALA Mobile serves as a center of excellence for mobile within the EA organization, with the mission of driving leadership in the handheld and online gaming space. Central to supporting EA's digital transformation, EALA Mobile provides players with more ways to play on more platforms than ever before. With teams from mobile publishing, brand management, finance, content marketing, consumer insights, music, business affairs, game development and brand partnerships, the LA office provides a wide range of functional career opportunities in an entrepreneurial start up culture where ideas can come from anywhere.


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