About EA’s Seattle Location

The PopCap Seattle headquarters resides in one of the hippest neighborhoods in Seattle: Belltown. Employees enjoy beautiful views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound every day, and when they’re not at work, they’re enjoying Seattle’s fantastic music scene, world-class restaurants and outdoor activities galore. They can drive a little over an hour in any direction and be on top of a mountain or at the edge of a beach staring at the Pacific Ocean!
PopCap Games was created in 2000 by three guys who wanted to make fun, simple video games for anyone to play. What started as a little match-3 game soon became Bejeweled, the world’s #1 puzzle game. PopCap went on to make some of the biggest casual video game hits ever, including Zuma, Bookworm, Peggle, and Plants vs. Zombies. The company has prospered over the long-term, showing the ability to adapt to the fast-changing video game market. In 2011, PopCap became part of Electronic Arts. Now PopCap has more resources and bigger dreams — but it’s still all about the games.
The studio still has the “startup feel” with passionate gamers sharing in one common interest: to make the best possible games out there. We have created a work environment that is fulfilling, fun and creative so that we can catalyze partnerships for new ideas with our employees. PopCap strives to make this not only a great work culture but also a great company at which to grow your career.
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