Stockholm (DICE)

About EA’s Stockholm Location

Sweden offers a working environment that’s noticeably different to other countries around the world, and this is especially noticeable here at DICE in the capital city of Stockholm – one of the world’s most picturesque cities. There are altogether about 500 DICE, Frostbite and Publishing Nordics employees centrally located in two offices in the trendy and unique Södermalm district, both offices with an unparalleled view of the cityscape.
Our diverse and strong portfolio of games includes both new IPs and much-loved series and franchises, which means that the growth opportunities are as diverse as they are rewarding. As the award-winning developer of the Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge franchises, and the new and interesting Star Wars Battlefront, we create unsurpassed and immersive experiences that constantly push the envelope for what’s possible in a video game. 
Innovation plays an integral part of the DNA, no matter if it’s creating new games or evolving the process of making them. People come to us to change our industry and to make exceptional and addictive entertainment, and we house a riot of youth, hunger and passion that you won’t find anywhere else.
We take care of our staff, and have done so during our steady growth over the last decade. Each and every person that works with us is a valuable and highly appreciated asset, and we make sure that everyone feels that they receive the support and sense of accomplishment that they deserve. We understand that people are more than just what they’ve accomplished, and they are always free to grow in their roles within the company.
We enjoy working hard, and never shy away from getting the job done. But we always rely on efficient and rewarding work with a clear purpose, rather than just putting the hours in. Of course, even though we’re constantly at work, striving to create the most intense and revered interactive experiences possible, it’s possible to work here and also have a life, which is something that holds true even during high-intensity periods. Coupled with our Sweden’s extremely beneficial vacation days and work benefits – such as social events and physical wellness activities – we make sure that we reach these goals together as a whole, in a way that’s beneficial for everyone involved.
We’re proud to say that we give you the opportunity and the tools to work on amazing titles with a strong team of like-minded creators, who all share the same goal – to create the best interactive experiences to date.
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