The People Of EA


Technical Director, EA Mobile
Bucharest (EARO)
Who I Am
When I joined EA, I had just finished my second year at university. Now, after almost 8 years here, I am studying to get my PHD in Computer Graphics from University Polithenica of Bucharest. While I am passionate about game development, I am also interested in Bioinformatics and the Biomedical field. I have a master’s degree in Medical Engineering and my PHD thesis targets solutions based on Virtual Reality in Healthcare.
In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and traveling. I even traveled around the world on my honeymoon!
What I Do
As a Technical Director, I solve, with the team’s help, the problems that appear across the projects we are developing. I ensure all project components are properly monitored and profiled. I am also held accountable for the performance of the project as a whole. I ensure coding standards are respected and enforced. I also facilitate communication between the engineers and product owners.
What Is My Day Like?
On a typical day, I meet with partners within EA to ensure our team has all the required technology and resources in time for the development of new releases. I ensure the engineers are not blocked, and remove blockers as fast as possible if they exist. I am constantly making sure the products we deliver are high quality and the features we are developing are maintaining a certain standard. I also dive in to issues that appear with our product versions and ensure the issues will be fixed timely and effectively.
Where Am I Going?
I want to do a great job in my role, to successfully ship the titles I’m responsible for. I’m also looking forward in finishing my PHD studies!