The People Of EA


Writer, BioWare

In my past life, I was a sword-slinging pirate and the scourge of the seven seas! (Only, I was polite-like about it, eh.) Ahem. In all seriousness, I’ve worn a variety of hats in the industry, giving me some perspective on different disciplines and just enough knowledge to understand how to best work with my team mates. Since I started in the industry in 1997, I’ve been a community manager (back when the job was far more simple than it is now), a UI designer, a game designer and writer. Among other things.

My main knowledge base is in design and writing, but everything I’ve done has served to improve my experience as a writer. 

Getting Your Start with EA

I was referred by a friend (and then other friends!) at BioWare Montreal. It was a challenging process, but so worthwhile. I started full-time as a writer on August 15th 2011, and I haven’t looked back once since!

Working at EA

The level of communication and collaboration among my work colleagues is phenomenal, and being able to team up with such incredibly talented – and engaging – people makes for an amazing work experience. Working for BioWare Montreal has without a doubt proven to be one of my most challenging endeavors, and also, one of the most rewarding.