The People Of EA


Development Manager, EA Studios- Shared Services
Burnaby (EAV)
I’m from a small town in Australia and logged countless hours in the ‘90s playing FIFA Soccer, NBA Live, and Madden NFL. I earned my degree in Information Systems in Sydney before moving to the Gold Coast. I spent eight years there working as a Business Systems Analyst for a large manufacturing company. I then took a break to travel around Europe & North America before ending up in Vancouver with a backpack and a Canadian work visa.
Getting Your Start with EA
I was referred by a friend-of-a-friend who worked on FIFA. I applied for some Software Engineering and Quality Assurance roles, but eventually interviewed for a twelve-month position as a Development Manager with DRE (Development & Release Engineering), supporting the FIFA team. Towards the end of my term, I was lucky enough to receive a permanent position with DRE, and after a vacation to the World Cup in Brazil, I returned to a similar role supporting various other projects at EA Vancouver.
Working at EA
EA Vancouver is obviously a cool place to work due to the fun, creative environment and sweet facilities, such as the gym, basketball court, library, and arcade machines. There’s also a bunch of perks such as free or cheap games, discounts around town, summer and holiday parties, and beer and cheer Fridays. Being on the DRE team is extra-awesome as we work with multiple partners, which exposes us to a wide range of tools and technologies. For instance, I’m lucky enough to work on different projects including console titles (FIFA, UFC, NHL, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare), mobile games, and the Frostbite engine.
Plus, we have a very strong team culture where we work hard towards our goals, but always find the time to have fun along the way.
EA’s Impact
Professionally, EA has given me the opportunity to develop new skills in process, project, and people management. Being able to continue my career at EA Vancouver has been a big reason why I am still here in Canada, patiently awaiting my permanent residency card.
Personally, being able to say ‘I work at EA’ is a great icebreaker when meeting new people, as everyone seems to have played our games at some time in their life! 
Any Thoughts to Those Seeking a Career at EA?
Thinking of a career at EA…that’s a wonderful idea! You’ll have the chance to work with a bunch of talented, intelligent, and creative people. And you’ll be making video games that entertain millions of people around the world every day.