The People Of EA


Software Engineer, Visceral Games
Redwood City (EARS)

Prior to my time at EA, I was a Computer Engineering student with a handful of internships under my belt. I worked for different companies in Montreal and Vancouver doing networking R&D and GUI development. I found myself enjoying developing user interfaces which ultimately led me to work with the UI team at EA.

I travelled whenever my student schedule would allow it and spent three months backpacking around most of Western Europe as well as a few weeks in Southern California. During these trips, I quickly developed a passion for discovering different countries and meeting people from all over the world.

Getting Your Start with EA

An EA employee I knew introduced me to the EA world by giving me a tour of the Burnaby studio, which piqued my interest for an eventual work term at EA. I was referred by a classmate who had already worked there and I ended up at the Visceral Games studio in Montreal working as a UI / Gameplay Engineer Intern for the latest Army of Two game.

Working at EA

After my first internship at EA Montreal, I was able to get transferred to the Redwood Shores office near San Francisco (thanks to the help of the fantastic University Relations team). That was definitely a great moment in my time at EA. It allowed me to experience the headquarters’ awesome campus and discover the Bay Area and its surroundings. That internship culminated in my biggest success as an EA employee when I was hired as a full-time Software Engineer for the Visceral Games studio in Redwood Shores.

During my cumulated eight months working for EA, I encountered challenges from day one. In my opinion, the greatest challenge that comes with working here is that you often have to adapt to unexpected changes in your assigned tasks. It’s extremely rewarding and a big part of what makes this job so fun!

EA’s Impact

Working here has introduced me to the exciting and dynamic work environment that characterizes EA studios. This, combined with the social work atmosphere, makes for engaging team work and is a source of great motivation and fun. More than ever, the idea of dreading an upcoming work day feels unfamiliar. Also, simply by working with incredibly talented people, I was able to learn an impressive amount of knowledge regarding every aspect of the game development process. It has also made me appreciate video games even more, now that I know the astounding amount of effort required to ship a game that people will truly enjoy.

Any Thoughts to Those Seeking a Career at EA?

I would suggest EA as a potential employer for those that seek a job that mixes fun and hard work in a fast-paced environment that requires flexibility.  It’s a very rewarding experience in which you get to work with genuinely friendly people.