The People Of EA


Director of Football Business Analytics, EA SPORTS/FIFA
Burnaby (EAC)

I worked with data and analytics 12+ years before joining EA and the gaming industry. I have a Master of Science in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics and generally enjoy bringing value to companies through analytical insight. I have played soccer from the age of 5, and managed to play in the 1 division in Denmark before dedicating my time to education and work.

Getting Your Start with EA

I decided with my wife to move abroad to challenge our life and get out of the routine and security that eat up a lot of families. I then realized that a future where I could combine a passion for data, analytics and soccer in a professional career would be a perfect scenario, but also a hard one to find. I went to LinkedIn, and found a perfect position at EA SPORTS – five months later the plane landed in Vancouver and I started in the position as Head of Football Business Analytics.

Working at EA

I’m very excited and pleased to work for a company with intelligent, creative and driven employees, who inspire and force me to get the best out of my brain. Every day has new and interesting challenges that make my week too short and weekend too long. EA is the optimal company for a person with my ambitions – a place where I can develop my skills, implement new ideas, learn and get inspiration from great colleagues. EA has a potential that very few outside the industry realize.

Last but not least, it’s very rewarding to work at a campus where your kids love to visit you!!      

EA’s Impact

Relocating with two kids and a wife from Denmark has a huge impact on your life, both professionally and privately, but EA did everything to make the transition as smooth as possible.  

Any Thoughts to Those Seeking a Career at EA?

If you are interested in joining a company where you can grow as an individual, develop skills, work with the best producers and software engineers, and create the best games in the world, and you believe you have the right passion and skills, then please apply for a job at EA.