The People Of EA


Software Engineer, Electronic Arts Digital Platform
Burnaby (EAC)

The only jobs I had before coming to EA were working the deep-fryer at a family restaurant for a few months and working at a gas station. Not the most exciting places to work. I ended up taking a Computer Systems course at a local college, but didn’t take it seriously for the first year. I was a hardcore raider in World of Warcraft Vanilla and school was a second or third priority. At first I took pride in getting as close to 50% in all my courses as possible. I jokingly applied to the most difficult option for second year… and was accepted. Crap.

After that point I made school my number one priority and did very well. I took additional courses in my third year to keep my intensity level high, and my fourth year was easier.

Getting Your Start with EA

When I finished my third year, I applied at EA for a position way past my skill/experience level. The hiring team at EA saw my resume and had a more junior position opening up, so I was given an early interview there. The job and my skills were a good match and the rest is history. I finished up my remaining classes at night school.

I started in an Operations role supporting NHL 09. It was very much a trial by fire, but everything went okay.

Working at EA

Life at EA is explosive and dynamic. The intense workload and challenging projects are very engaging. Working with a lot of smart, hardworking people can be intimidating at first, but it’s an invaluable experience. Working on huge franchises like Battlefield and FIFA are incredibly challenging, both technically and organizationally. I’ve certainly learned how to manage change within an organization this large and have much stronger soft skills than I ever expected I’d develop.

The difference between what the Internet says about EA and what EA is actually about is pretty striking. The EA hate out there isn’t really representative of what we’re all about. Everyone is extremely passionate and hardworking. We always try to do right by the gamers.

EA’s Impact

Working at EA has given me an opportunity to understand how large organizations and developing new technologies work. I’ve grown as a leader thanks to the opportunities at EA. There are lots of athletic activities at EA. We have various intramural sports leagues and after work some of our team goes rock climbing. It’s great to drop down to the gym or soccer field for a game during the day. This helps manage the difficulties working in such a dynamic environment.

Any Thoughts to Those Seeking a Career at EA?

EA is a dynamic and challenging place to work. There are great perks like awesome facilities, cheap games and sports teams. EA recognizes individual talent and effort. If you’re interested in an exciting and rewarding environment, EA will be a great fit.