The People Of EA


Global Director Community and Influencers, Communications

I was 13 years old the first time I played a video game for 24 hours without sleeping.  That was 1985, when most games were simple side-scrollers or text adventures. That now legendary game was called The Bard’s Tale, and it created an entire generation of RPG fanatics like me.   It also established my life-long love affair with Electronic Arts who created and published it, back when they were a brand-new company nobody had ever heard of. Ancient times, when Silicon Valley was definitely NOT cool.

Even after 30 years, the joy of that first experience playing an immersive, high quality video game and storyline was the first step that led me to the video gaming industry – and ultimately my rightful home at Electronic Arts.   
Getting Your Start with EA

I started my official video game career as a Community Manager in 2001, back when the internet and online communities were incredibly new phenomenon. Before the days of moderators, search engines, and public relations training.  It was the wild west; and I was one of the lucky few to pioneer how game companies build long lasting relationships, and even partnerships, with their fan communities.  It is hard and often stressful work, but it’s also a dream job. 

Almost four years ago. I came to EA to lead social and community for BioWare and Respawn franchises.  Now I lead Community for all our HD franchises which includes some of the greatest franchises in all of gaming:  Battlefield, The Sims, FIFA, Madden, Mass Effect, Titanfall, Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies, and Star Wars – from the most talented developers in our industry: DICE, Maxis, Respawn, Tiburon, Visceral, Ghost.

In addition to our internal studios and teams, I also lead EA’s Influencer relationships and programs.  I get to regularly partner and work with some of the greatest YouTubers, Streamers, and Gaming Celebrities on social media daily.  This is becoming an extremely important part of how EA partners with our players and advocates across the world.

Working at EA

My favorite thing about working at EA is the amazing people here.  Working with super smart and passionate people is truly one of the best things in professional life.   Everyone is highly engaged and motivated about their work.  The always push for the highest quality and achievement. This makes collaboration and team work fun.  It’s never boring at EA, ever.

EA is also an amazing place to be creative and innovative.  Employees here often shine both as individuals and as part of a team. 

One last perk of being at EA, is that you get to work on the same great games you play at home. This is not always true in the games industry, but it is here!

EA’s Impact

Electronic Arts has led the way in legitimizing video game development as beautiful and remarkable art.  The stories and mechanics we craft inside our games create very thrilling and personal experiences that add joy, challenge, resonance, and achievement to millions of lives. 

The love of play is what makes us human and connects us.  Being at EA helps us create this for the world.

Any Thoughts to Those Seeking a Career at EA?

EA is a fast moving, highly dynamic environment, of extremely talented people.  If you think best on your feet and thrive on unexpected challenges – and you never get tired of learning, experimenting, and pursuing new ideas… then EA might be a good experience for you.