The People Of EA


Senior Producer, PopCap

I’ve been in the game industry for 10 years. I got my start on licensed titles for 2nd-gen consoles, moved to XBLA downloadable games and finally landed with PopCap in 2009. I’ve been a PopCapper ever since! I was born in California and spent seven years in Seattle but in 2010 my wife and I made the decision to move to Japan and we’ve been in Tokyo since.

Getting Your Start with EA

I came to EA with the PopCap acquisition as part of PopCap Tokyo. PopCap Tokyo is literally right down the street from EA Japan, which made for an eerie coincidence. My new colleagues have been nothing but helpful – in fact, they’ve been downright inspiring!

Working at EA

Right out of the gate we were dumped into a world of vast opportunity and big responsibility. EA’s focus to win in mobile-social dovetailed nicely with our mandate at PopCap Tokyo: to bring the PopCap brand of fun to Japan. Since the buyout we’ve released one F2P mobile-social title and we’ve got another in the works, all with a small, focused team backed by the resources of the industry’s 800-lb gorilla!

EA’s Impact

EA is a great environment – my colleagues are all intensely smart and to keep up with them I have to push myself constantly. Every day provides new perspectives and in some cases new pressures but the reward has been a consistent growth in my abilities as a game developer.

Any Thoughts to Those Seeking a Career at EA?

The thing about making games is, the industry moves so fast that knowledge won one day can be obsolete the next – but before long the old tactics find use again. EA has such a wealth of talent that oftentimes when I have a question, someone in the company has the answer – the only challenge is finding them!