The People Of EA


Who I Am
Even though I was born in Korea, a country well known for its emphasis on education, my parents loved to play games. After my parents would come home from work, our whole family would play games together, such as Tank, Tetris and Galaxy. Sometimes we went to an arcade or internet café for an outing.
Being familiar with games since childhood, I have naturally dreamt of being a person who makes them. Therefore, as a game designer now, I feel joy and happiness designing games.
What I Do
I am a Game Designer on the FIFA Online 3 team. I mostly work on in-game reward balancing and support content planning, as well as live services.
What is My Day?
My day consists of creating project proposals, attending meetings, and working on quick requests that require immediate attention.
Because we do live services, our team encounters a new task every day and it makes us really busy. If the content I have created is applied in-game, I check and share the results with my team through index and board monitoring. It is fun to check the feedback from our game users. Developing games with great colleagues is always pleasant for me and learning experiences from new issues is a great benefit to my career.
Where Am I Going?
My dream is to work as a Game Designer for my entire career. To make this dream come true, I want to not only perform well, but to be a designer everyone wants to work with. To accomplish this, I watch other designers that I want to work with, hoping to follow their example.