The People Of EA


Data Scientist, EA Digital Platform (EADP)
Redwood City (EARS)
Who I Am
After graduating from Cornell University, I traveled to San Francisco to begin working at EA. I was eager to explore the applications of machine learning in the real world. San Francisco was an exciting change from the snowy gorges of upstate New York. Its beautiful views and consistently perfect weather encouraged me to explore the outdoors and pick up running. I made many good friends in the Bay Area and have grown to love my new home over the years.
What I Do

As a Data Scientist at EA, I explore the use of machine learning algorithms to solve problems faced by our players. My goal is to be able to understand what a healthy player experience looks like. Using all available data, my models help us detect issues in the game or forecast the amount of resources necessary to support our players. I have also worked on fraud detection to protect our players from losing their money and information to bad actors.

What is My Day Like?

The main part of my day is spent working on a long term project to improve the detection of issues that affect our player’s experience. I work independently to develop models and collaborate with engineers to implement the solution in our tools. This involves working with PMs and management to agree on objectives and partnering with engineers to deliver the final product. Reliability is a dynamic environment and there are always issues that need creative solutions.

Where Am I Going?

It is very difficult to detect and respond to every issue that comes up in a system as large as EA, but we are making progress and I am excited to see the impact that our work will have. I am looking forward to a time when our games are completely reliable and any complaints that come up have an immediate solution.