The People Of EA


Producer, DICE
Stockholm (DICE)
Who I Am

My name is Sara and I work as a Producer at EA DICE in Stockholm. I am a passionate gamer and game developer who is in this business to create entertainment that reaches out to a lot of people. When not working I enjoy watching movies, reading and exercising. I am an amateur triathlete so a lot of my spare time is spent swimming, running or cycling. I am also a food junkie and spend lots of time experimenting in the kitchen.

What I Do

As a Producer I am responsible for delivering a great game experience, to quality and on time. I am the product owner and I represent the team both internally and externally.

The role changes a lot during the development cycle of a game. In the first phase the team is often small. That early, it’s all about defining what the game is going to be and pitching it internally so we get the funds we need to build it. As the picture grows clearer and the team grows in size, a great deal of my time is spent making sure people get the feedback they need and know what to do. In the final phase my job is more about making sure we reach the right quality. I also spend a lot of time doing media interviews and helping marketing to sell the game. All told, my job is extremely varied and never has a chance to get boring.

My Day

Working with people and communication, every day at work is different from the other. That’s what makes it so exciting! There are lots of meetings to make sure everyone is aligned on what we’re doing but I always make sure to have time to spend with the team and actually playing/reviewing the game as well.

Currently I am building a new game team to produce a new exciting title for DICE and EA which means I am in a lot of interviews to make sure we hire the creative core team to deliver the right experience.  

My Future

I have just gotten the great opportunity of leading my dream project, which is super exciting. My goal is to deliver an innovative, fun and high quality game that can evolve into an important franchise for DICE and EA and that our gamers will enjoy in many installations in the future.