Software Engineering (EADP)

Software Engineering (EA Digital Platform) University Grad

Are you a talented software engineer with an appetite for big challenges? Have you dreamed of working in the entertainment or video game industry? EA is seeking top upcoming and recent university graduates to help tackle new and unfamiliar challenges produced by the gaming industry’s digital transformation. 

EA’s Digital Platform (EADP) provides the core technology that is enabling a radical shift in how video games are provided to our customers. The evolution from packaged goods to an always-on, cross-platform, social system requires embedded capabilities such as single identity, billing & account management, portable social networks, and predictive modeling. These capabilities must scale to the demands of an ever-growing business -- today we see 2.5 billion monthly game sessions, 275 million active registered users, and 50 terabytes gross daily data captured from telemetry systems. We have an array of challenging and inspiring teams, including:

Business Operations – The EADP Business Operations team is responsible for ensuring the high quality and cost effective management of core capabilities in the platform. We focus on how best to operate our e-commerce payments, making sure our systems are configured to allow gamers to successfully complete the checkout flow, while looking for suspicious behavior in order to prevent fraudulent transactions.

  • Commerce – The Commerce Group is developing one of the largest digital e-commerce platforms around to power hundreds of games played by hundreds of millions of gamers. The platform is responsible for providing foundation services to EA game studios including identity management, account, subscription, billing, payment, virtual currency, provisioning, entitlement, risk and fraud 24x7 with 99.99% reliability.
  • Data – The Data Group is responsible for developing a new unified Big Data pipeline across all franchises at Electronic Arts. This platform will incorporate data collection, ingestion, processing, access and visualization all built on a modern, cloud-based tech stack with best-in-class tools. The Data Group will provide the tools and platform that will power the future state of game development, marketing, sales, accounting and customer experience. 
  • Game Services – The Game Services team is responsible for shared gaming technologies and services leveraged by titles throughout all EA game studios. These include highly scalable online features such as rating and statistics systems, achievements, friends (social graph), messaging and much more.
  • Infrastructure and Operations – The Infrastructure and Operations team is responsible for building and operating the online digital infrastructure for EA’S digital platforms across hundreds of games. The team architects, builds and operates highly available, scalable, global, elastic, secure, low latency and redundant online infrastructure that enables millions of gamers worldwide to play 200 games 24x7 across consoles, PC, tablet, mobile and other devices. 
  • Mobile – The EADP Mobile Platform is a set of always-on services used by EA’s mobile games to provide common features including identity management, commerce, messaging, and telemetry in order to leverage the full power of EA’s global network of games and gamers. The Mobile Platform group consists of three main engineering focus areas: native mobile SDKs, RESTful services running at Internet scale, and web-based administrative, marketing, and analytic tools.
  • Scale, Performance and Reliability – The Scale, Performance and Reliability team ensures that all games released by EA are able to operate at scale with world-class performance and reliability. The QSPR team engages with every game from concept to launch to analyze the architecture of the game in order to identify bottlenecks, create a scale, performance and reliability strategy, design the tools and automation needed, and help in the ongoing analysis of complex issues that arise during the game development cycle. 

UR- Engineer DP New Grad


  • Pursuing a BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field
  • Deep expertise with C++, Java, and/or C# development required
  • Experience with MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive, or other NoSQL stacks strongly preferred
  • Capable of creating and innovating solutions by thinking not outside the box, but as if there is no box
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to new technology, platforms, programming languages and methodologies
  • Passion for solving complex problems; passion for the video game industry a plus

Jeremie, Software Engineer, Data – Redwood Shores

"The thing I like the most about EA and EADP is that we're trying to build something new that has never been done before. Today, at EADP, we're still at a stage where there's enough space for everybody to be heard and to submit ideas on how to build our platform. It can only take a month from the moment where you submit an idea to the moment where you can see it running in a production environment."

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