Technical Artist

Technical Artist Internship/Co-op

With a unique combination of artistic and technical expertise, you are the bridge between our artists and engineers. Technical artists are proactive problem solvers who demonstrate creativity and a respect for aesthetics. Our technical artists come from a variety of backgrounds including art, design, mathematics, engineering and/or science. As a technical artist at EA, you ensure that visual assets can be easily integrated into the game engine without sacrificing visual quality. You understand how gameplay and architecture issues can affect content creation and can successfully develop workflows to compensate for such limitations. 


UR- Technical Art Intern
  • Currently enrolled in a BA or MA program majoring in Fine Arts, Design, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering or related field
  • Individuals pursuing both artistic and engineering degrees/minors are strongly preferred
  • Working knowledge of one or more 3D packages including modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation, scripting and tool creation
  • Familiarity with CG-oriented programming languages, image manipulation and compression, video game hardware, advanced shading techniques, particle systems, character skeletons and kinematics, command line systems, and real-time lighting are all highly advantageous
  • Work examples that show creative solutions to technical challenges and limitations are a plus

Freek, Procedural Technical Artist – Burnaby, Canada

"I am very excited to start working at EA because of the innovative production methods being pioneered here, I really admired the procedural tools from SSX and I cannot wait to get involved creating these types of tools myself!"


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