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Playfish leads the social gaming industry in innovation and creativity with award-winning, category-defining games designed for friends to play together. We have changed the way people play games by creating more social and connected experiences. To date, more than 150 million Playfish games have been installed and played by millions of people worldwide on platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Google, Bebo, iPhone and Android. Our games are amongst the most acclaimed and popular online, including Pet Society, Restaurant City, Country Story and Who Has The Biggest Brain?

Playfish is a special and in many ways unique company. That's what makes working here so exciting. Imagine the vibe & excitement of a cutting edge start-up company backed by the largest videogames company in the world and you have Playfish.

Our culture is anchored on creativity. Since our game studios comprise of 5-15 creatives, everyone has input into the design process and this ensures there is a real buzz and energy. No chance of feeling lost in a crowd here. Talent shines through.

Social gaming has literally exploded. There are over 16 million passionate Playfish gamers in the world. That sounds a lot BUT that is only the tip of the iceberg and our plans.

That's what makes our partnership with EA so exciting for our company. Backed by the most experienced video games company, we have the marketing knowledge, networks, support and backing that we once could only dream of. We truly feel inspired that there are no limits to our potential. But despite this huge backing and market advantage to Playfish, we maintain our independence and the start-up family feel that made us such a great company in the first place.