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Careers in Games

Why Should I Work at EA?

There has never been a better time to join the games industry or Electronic Arts. While still a relatively young industry, gaming has achieved phenomenal success and continues to grow at an incredibly rapid pace - even surpassing the Hollywood box office in terms of annual revenue. EA, as a leading developer and publisher in the industry, earned more than $3 billion annual revenue in FY07 (with a market share exceeding 20%), with projections to double that figure within the next 3 years.

The games industry is being driven forward on multiple fronts, including but not limited to the following:

Casual games are expanding the overall games market by bringing fun and accessible games to all-new audiences.

Online games are radically changing the industry model, with social networking and user-generated content leading the way.

Gaming on mobile phones has a vast potential (mobile phones are the largest installed hardware base when it comes to gaming platforms).

New peripherals are engaging audiences like never before (e.g., the Wii Remote, dance mats, guitars, drums, and microphones).

Advancements in technology are giving game makers an ever-increasing array of tools to create more engaging storylines and create emotionally believable characters.

New and expanding markets in Asia (particularly India, South Korea, China, and Singapore) bring new challenges and opportunities.

One of the best reasons for working in the games industry is the constant challenge brought on by advancements in technology. Game developers are constantly given new opportunities to push the boundaries of their craft to create compelling new game experiences. From the breakthrough days of videogame pioneers like Pong, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man to the amazingly immersive new titles like Burnout, Crysis, Spore, and so many others, the games industry is one that constantly evolves. It's not a place where things stay the same. It's a place where change is the norm, where transition means opportunity, and where there are new and exciting challenges all the time.

EA is a large global company (more than 9,000 employees worldwide). Our size means we can provide our employees with a world of opportunity in a stable work environment. We provide our employees with opportunities to work on different teams worldwide. We provide world-class training and ongoing career development. We offer an excellent compensation and benefits package that rewards our best people. And we invest in the cutting-edge tools, technologies, and facilities that let our teams build the best games. In short, we are committed to doing everything possible to ensure the continued success of our employees and the company.